The Absorber Max Dog Lover’s Towel Red 22″x43″


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The Absorber® is ideal for: 

  • After a bath
  • After walking in the rain
  • After playing in the snow
  • After swimming in the lake
  • Cooling off in the heat – simply rinse with cool water, wring out and drape on your dog.

While we love our dogs, they can be messy. Playing fetch, rolling in the mud, strolling through the rain and bathing them at home all have their challenges to contain and eliminate messes as quickly as possible. Our super absorbent Dog Lover's Towel takes the dread out of drying. The Absorber's uniform sponge-like pore structure attracts water like a magnet, pulling 50% more water on contact than cotton or microfiber towels, allowing you to dry your tail-wagger faster and easier. Even with its extra-large size, The Absorber® Max is still very easy to wring out and is also great for placing underneath your dog as a no-slip mat in or out of the tub. This new size makes drying even 200lbs and larger breeds a breeze and with just ONE TOWEL!

TOWEL SIZE: 22 in. x 43 in. 

INCLUDES: 1 Red Towel 

Here are more reasons to love this towel:

Super-absorbent: Dries better than any cotton or microfiber towels for dogs.
Soft & Safe: Keeps your pets comfortable and happy.
Easy to Wring: Releases water easily and keeps working, no need for multiple towels.
Machine washable: With proper care the Absorber lasts for years.
Hair shakes right off: Save your washing machine from trapped hair.
Saves time, energy and money: This absorbent towel for dogs does not go in the dryer, so you reduce energy usage while saving time and money.
Convenient: Handy tube for storing at home or to bring when you’re on the go.
Cooling: The Absorber® can also cool off your dog on a hot day; hold it under cold running for a minute or two and drape it around your pet.